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420 is upon us so I figured this was a good time to give you the origins of the term for the history sometimes used for many years it can be a verb like hey you want to 421 is the general now describing the marijuana culture is referred 4:20 PM but the origins of the term do have something to do according to the oldest information that this community has which is the surprisingly good investigative reporting upon Times Magazine the term for 20 was in the Southern California town called Sandra Fayelle in 1971 a group of teenagers at San Rafael high school that year started using they would get together and smoke up after school right around Fort let’s meet at 4:20 PM at the statue and get hot so that’s the origin but nowadays 420 has become a general term for the cannabis culture it’s everywhere symbolic numbers represents the culture of people put for 20 underclothing on accessories to show the love we also become as I said the day the 20th day of the fourth month April 20 marijuana for years the state has been about protesting marijuana prohibition but for a lot of people it’s just an excuse to come hang out at the major municipal park in town with like-minded people and smoke up out of public while it’s important to understand that places were smoking up in public is illegal this practice doesn’t become legal for the day it is true that one crowd show up since they’re quite simply used to it happening annually for 20 is like an annual Palash lot of smokers that dates back to the 80s and 90s it’s not tough to find out where the nearest 428i near you takes place usually just look for the biggest park or outside your local City Hall or some other Legislature building that you have often there’s a Facebook sitting event or in the case of some cities there’s a dedicated website because it’s such a big effect in Canada where I am traditionally the biggest for 20 Avantis been to Vancouver one if you have never been there it was fucking awesome 420 the meaning of Portland here’s what I’m gonna play on you because it’s kinda like you know man it’s happening soon and so this’ll be a little history lesson so California back in the day back in the day for most of us my 420 probably I watching this at 4:20 AM for some of you that may mean something that there a lot he probably thinks somewhat mature Patoma has around here didn’t know it for 20 Finkbine so we thought if we got a primetime show another network it was even Aaron Sorkin show 428i laughing right now to invite someone and to explain his Steven Hager the editor-in-chief of high Times Magazine I know I’m Boston public on the television show that we present controversy about or 2011 the kids being involved in 420 and we didn’t know what the number for 20 net but apparently if Signification with Marijuana It’s Right Yeah It’s It’s Been a Codeword for Many Years inside the Counterculture Is a Code for Marijuana No What Is It Where to Come from It Actually Came in 1971 Six Students at San Rafael High School Event once we started publicizing the living room global so what’s the special about the numbers for 2012 they picked for 20 because it was a time date of the need to go look for abandoned hotpatch that they found a treasure map too but it soon just became uniport 20 has a lot of meaning now if you need anything from you want to go smoke some pot do you have any pot on you you know Dietze 428i Oreganos Buddys away for this persecuted culture to talk to each other and not be exposed people that you know like teachers and police or people and the culture is there any truth to the rumor that for 20 also meant there is marijuana smoking or drug use going on basically that was one that was Annette that was a false rumor a people to try to figure out where to come from I’m so popular I really think that what this shows is that the counterculture first thing I want to see here is the first real national holiday of this culture is emerging and what interesting is that it’s it’s around the same time as always under the holidays like Passover and Easter and it’s universally locally adopted by millions of people now that’s a holiday right now why are we having a holiday celebrating the holidays that parents might take away from doing this kind of thing right and if you don’t believe that this is a culture I should say a pop to the Highpines of marijuana by children were very much against that but you know the counterculture has a sacrament that sacrament is cannabis and we believe that the laws against the wrong knees are very deep-seated believes so it’s it’s only natural that our first day holiday would involve this to what’s gonna happen for 25 people Ganxsta what’s gonna happen Central peak of Marin County that’s the birthplace of 420 and that’s where the tradition can establish for the longest what I’d like to see happen I like to see the moment of silence for peace in the drug war I like to see a moment of silence for the victims of Waco and Columbine in Oklahoma City and I know there’s a lot of you know very tragic events that are happening right around the same time and I think that we need to study why the things are happening why is there so much violence in our culture and really what the 60s counterculture represents is nonviolence and peace and this is what we’re trying to bring to the table for 25 Potranco cheesiest part of a different kind of culture I see as part of an emerging spirituality that I call the counterculture and why would countercultures like for 27 beginning to be sorted out or paragraph hop why the public was there gonna be a celebration would preferred to do that in Rome they developed a secret code the symbol of fish and when when they would need and they didn’t know if they were Christians are not one with joy have to dish the other with what we’ve been doing for 20 for a long time now 70s and it’s time to bring it out into the open time to show the world that were legitimate minority group that suffered persecution you going to critical process to try to change how you feel about the way you’re at your group well I think that it is the initiatives that you see in California at the other nine states in the past medical marijuana laws these are his initiative to be pushed forward by the counterculture our agenda and we really want to protect the sick people first you know we don’t care about our own personal use as much we care about people with serious illness so that you know we spent the last 10 years trying to get to people access marijuana and if you get there before whiteheads and birthday what time will the departed used for medicine is the flower and the rest of the stock can be used for about 40,000 different items and everything that used to be made out of now made out of petrochemical which is called the major cause of pollution on the planet so we really like to see farmers growing non-THC industrial help as a commodity or to replace all the chemical products I have hi5 magazine thanks for filling us in on 420 you’re missing out I even recommend going if you don’t smoke weed it’s simply an incredible cultural phenomenon to be bold enough for Mike for tonight I have myself a little hatchcover here made of people.

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