The urgency to pitch in and support The Lincoln Project in their efforts to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming general election cannot be overstated. The recent news of Trump’s indictment by a jury in Fulton County only underscores the importance of taking action now. Trump’s continued popularity within the GOP primary is a cause for concern, as it threatens the very foundations of our constitutional republic.

The race for the nomination is essentially over, and it is crucial that we focus our efforts on ensuring Trump’s defeat in the general election. Time is of the essence, with the GOP debate just around the corner and Election Day 2024 less than a year away. The Lincoln Project is wasting no time, already launching a comprehensive campaign that includes impactful advertisements, a strong social media presence, and grassroots organizing through The Union.

The organization has identified key battleground states such as Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, where they plan to concentrate their messaging efforts. The ability to effectively reach swing voters in these states will be pivotal in determining the outcome of the election. The Lincoln Project is currently strategizing and making budgetary decisions to ensure that their resources are allocated in the most effective manner possible.

While it may seem early to be thinking about the 2024 election in August, it is precisely this complacency that allowed Trump to be elected in the first place. The Lincoln Project is urging individuals to contribute now, as every dollar counts towards building the necessary infrastructure to counter the influence of MAGA and Trump. By pitching in today, supporters can help shape the direction of the campaign and ensure that the movement to defeat Trump is strong and sustainable.

The Lincoln Project is a prominent pro-democracy organization that is dedicated to safeguarding the principles of democracy in the United States. Their mission is to preserve, protect, and defend democracy, and they have proven their commitment through their past work in the 2020 and 2022 elections. To learn more about The Lincoln Project and how you can contribute to their cause, visit their website at Together, we can build a political movement that will defeat Trump once and for all.

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