Last Week

Last week I was working on funeral overload as two great citizens of earth have left us to go to the next place. Queen Aretha Franklin and Senator John McCain two of the finest people this earth has ever given us. First Queen Aretha, the Queen of Soul as she was known was so much more than that. She was extremely involved in the civil rights movement. A movement that unfortunately doesn’t have the same strength that it once had. I don’t often get serious in my rants but all that I write today I feel is so important in the turbulent times that we find ourselves in. More on that later.
I know it doesn’t look like nothing has changed on the site but oh yes it has.. We’ve been busy coding so when we finish this we want everything to work properly. There’s nothing that pissses me of like being sent to the screen with the big 404 on it. We’ve all been there and we haven’t been very found of it. Another words if your like me you hate the fuckin notice. Well we don’t want you to have to go through that bullshit. So we’re working hard to make sure those things don’t happen to you. Ain’t we just so freaking special? Just be patient with us please. We have three completely different sites tied into one, and this has promoted a challenge. We’re still having a bit of trouble with our blogs and forums and we’re currently looking for someone to help with this aspect. The people that have requested to volunteer for this position are, shall I say a few bricks short of a full load. Needless to say if you have applied fir this position in the past please don’t apply again, it makes me freaking nuts.
Suzy is working on a section on the kamisutura. I’ve seen the mock-up and I think your going to like it. I know it gave me a boner, and at my age that’s not the easiest thing to get. I just ask one faver, when looking at some of these pictures don’t get gizzum on your phone, it tends to bring the value down.
Let us not forget the lords for giving us the fruit of life, the essence of our soul, the being that will remain with us. Thank you for giving us in you infinite wisdom the ability “TO SMOKE FUCKIN POT”

What’s the difference between “ooh” and “aah?” About three inches.

Now I’ve told you about all the fuckups, or shall I say the hiccups we are experiencing. I learned about hiccups from the political system as we are told when something goes terribly wrong, we’re always told, “oh its just a hiccup and we’re looking into it.” so we’re still experiencing some of these so called hiccups, but we will prevail.
The things we’re still working on Suzys forum, Alfred’s forum and of course our General Stpre. That one keeps me up at night as I’m still torn between two areas, should I rename the General Store to the HeadShop or keep it the same and just open a HeadShop in Flight 420. I was thinking of putting everything into the General Store at this time and then moving some items to a HeadShop over on Flight 420. However I would really like to get your imput on this as “I’M SO CONFUSED.” The reason for this is the list of products we have already agreed to sell on our site. Those products include marijuana, hand blown one of a kind pipes and bongs and we have just partnered with Airizer, in our opinion the finest vaporizers made in North America. However even with that we ran into a “hiccup.” That being the products are made from the finest steel and aluminum. The problem being the tariffs placed on these products. We could always use products made in Canada, however that brings us to this problem. Our customers in the U. S. would have to pay more due to the tarrifs (25%), State and Federal Taxes, those would be different in every state, going frown 0% to 16%, Customs duty (14%) and a brokerage fee unless you have your own broker. With all those fees it would add almost 50% to the price of your unit. The same goes for doing it in the opposite way. That being if the unit comes from the U. S. Being imported into Canada. The only way I can figure all this out is to those in the U. S. have your product sent to you from there and have our Canadian customers sent their product from Canada. This seems to be the only viable solution for this situation. The bad news being that the price in Canada will be 25% higher do to the current exchange rate. This must be paid and 6there is no way around it unless Airizer opens a factory in Canada and that seems unlikely. As the main company is located in the U. S. and this is where the patents and copyrights are located. We can absorb some of the costs but by no means all.
So these are problems we’re working on as well as getting the site fully functional by October 17, 2018. These are just a few of the things we continue to work on. My day starts at 7:30am and on most days doesn’t end until we’ll after 11:00pm. And I’m fucking tired but, I give you my word I’ll continue working seven days a week and I won’t be happy until all of these criteria are met and we will be ready by October 17.

So there you have it, that’s the long and short of it. Now you know where we are in our progress on site, so big fuckin deal. Now that I’ve wasted your time with all that bull shit we can go on to more meangfull things.
Back to my comments at the beginning of this rant. We as a people laid two of our finest to rest. We new this day was coming we just didn’t think it would be this soon. Both were taken from us far to early and we will miss them terribly.
That being said, WTF has happened to us as a people? When I was watching these funerals I couldn’t believe how we all came together as one. So what happened between then and now? The truth is I don’t know. We’re back to two different tribes that hate each other. When did this happen, who made it happen and more importantly why did this happen. When did we start this undeniable distain for one another. Is Trump responsible for any of this? You bet your sweet fucken asks. Republicans are no longer that. It has become the party of Trump, of this there is no denying. With his actions and Tweets he has divided us into an us and them mentality. My question is not why he’s doing these things, but why did we as a people let this happen? Why, it’s not all republican or all democrat, it’s both and leading this charge is Trump. You must ask yourself now, how do we as a people get out of this?

Fuck more hearings. We’ve seen what happens in these hearings, BULL SHIT MEETINGS There is only one thing to do now and that is VOTE Your vote does count.


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